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The Culture of Micro-brewery and Handcraft Beers

The Culture of Micro-Brewery and Handcraft Beers

Beer has a rich history as part of the human experience and our American tradition. This course is an in-depth look at the legacy of beer, brewing, and the re-emergence of handcraft brews as an art and science. The class is taught over four Saturday sessions and covers the history of beer, pairing beer with foods, the art of beer tasting and appreciation, and current trends in the development of handcraft brews. Take home a solid understanding of the world of craft beer.

We will look at:

  • The origin of beer and its contribution in building civilization
  • From Europe to America, the growth of mass beer production and Prohibition
  • Birth of a craft beer era
  • Craft beer trends and California’s leadership in the craft beer movement
  • Flavors and food pairing
  • Fritz Maytag, Jack McAuliffe, and President Jimmy Carter: What were their roles in the early years of craft beer?

Who Should Enroll?

Adult learners (aged 21+) who are interested in the growing field of craft beer and micro-brewery

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