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Brewing Science

Hand crafted beer and brewing science courses

The Homebrewing Series provides students starting out their brewing journeys with a balance of the science and art behind the production of beer. This set of two courses will teach the science of brewing while encouraging students to explore their artistic talents through one of the oldest traditions dating back to ancient civilization. The Beyond the Kit: All‐Grain Brewing program serves as our Homebrewing Series of courses to provide participants from beginning to moderate skill levels with the tools they need to perfect their brewing abilities. Students who complete the program will be able to fine‐tune their skills and will have the chance to utilize their at‐home beer production skills in a craft brewery as well.

The Beyond the Kit: All‐Grain Brewing program explores several types of brewing methods, recipes, history, and pairing of beers. Students will have hands‐on experience crafting small batch beers and will receive certificates at both the Beginning and Advanced levels. Whether students are interested in brewing for personal or professional growth, this course provides students with the opportunities to hone their skills and build a foundation for further knowledge in the brewing industry.

Courses include both lecture and laboratory components. Laboratories are conducted at Innovation Brew Works, Cal Poly Pomona's popular craft brewery and restaurant, which provides students with an experimental classroom and laboratory space to exercise their brewing skills.

All Brewing Science programs offered by the College of the Extended University requires that participants be 18 years or older by the first day of class. Students who are under the age of 21 will fall under the criteria established by California Assembly Bill 1989:

"18‐to‐20 year old students in menology and brewing science programs [may] taste alcohol as part of their classes."

Under this Assembly Bill, when students enrolled in a class where alcohol tasting is part of the curriculum, those students under 21 may taste the alcohol, but they must spit out any alcoholic beverages into provided buckets. No consumption/swallowing of alcohol will take place at any time for students under the age of 21. 

The instructor will conduct an age‐verification on the first day of class, and will monitor the tasting/consumption of those under the age of 21.

Certificate Course(s):

The CSU Chancellor’s Office recently featured a story on the growing opportunities and success of the California Craft Brewing industry and the higher education system – learn more about California’s Craft Brewing industry and the role that Innovation Brew Works at Cal Poly Pomona plays in preparing students for a new career by clicking here.

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