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The Science of Beer

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Having a keen understanding of the chemical properties of beer is an essential trait for the most successful brewers. The Science of Beer will provide students with this advanced study of the biological and chemical processes of the brewing process while immersing students into the processes behind quality control and advanced beer production. The course will also explore the complex system of regulations in the brewing industry, distribution processes, and the contemporary trends in quality assurance throughout the brewing industry.

The course will include brief lecture components as well as numerous hands-on laboratory opportunities conducted in the Innovation Brew Works, Cal Poly Pomona’s signature brewery.

This course will be the first of many courses in the upcoming Certified Brewery Worker (Cellarman) program that will be launched in the upcoming year. 

1. Who Should Enroll?

  • Previous students of the All-Grain Brewing (Homebrewer) programs looking to advance their study in the more complex nature of industry-level beer production.
  • Current brewery workers who are looking to further their skills in quality assurance and regulations.
  • Students must be 21 or older to enroll in any Certified Brewery Worker course. 

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2. Prerequisites

  • Students must be 21 years of age or older to enroll in this course.
  • While there are no formal prerequisites, it is strongly recommended that students have prior knowledge, and ideally experience, of the brewing industry and beer production.
  • Prior completion of the All-Grain Brewing (Homebrewer) level programs (BRW100; BRW200) is highly recommended, but not required, for those without prior brewing experience.
  • The course also encompasses highly technical and scientific concepts. Prior coursework in brewing, biology, or chemistry would be beneficial to students. 

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3. Instructor

Taylor Lane, M.S.

As a quality assurance technician for the Ritual Brewing Company in Redlands, CA, Taylor Lane is responsible for developing standard operating procedures for Ritual’s brewing labs, as well as conducting quality control protocols for the brewery. Her focus with Ritual has included sensory analysis, microbiological culturing methods, yeast health analysis, data analysis, and maintenance of specification guidelines.

Ms. Lane has also served as a Teaching Associate for the Biology Department at Cal Poly Pomona, supervising undergraduate and graduate level research projects while instructing students in the laboratory components of biology and microbiology courses. Taylor holds a Master of Science in Biology, with an emphasis in microbiology, from Cal Poly Pomona and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. 

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4. Expected Outcomes and Learning Objectives

Throughout the program, students will gain proficiency in:

  • The basics of brewing science as it pertains to beer production
  • Developing an advanced understanding of brewing chemistry
  • Skills in establishing brewing quality control tests
  • Understanding the regulations surrounding the brewing industry and quality assurance.
  • Recognizing the correlation between brewing processes to beer flavors. 

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The Science of Beer
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BRW200 36 $1,400    
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