College of the Extended University

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are there any special skills or prerequisites to enroll?

  • Students should have an interest in pursuing a career in Electric Utility Planning
  • A mechanical aptitude
  • Strong attention to detail
  • An interest in developing project management and customer service skills

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2. How long will it take to complete the Electric Utility Planner Certification Program?

  • It will take 14 weeks to complete all core classes.
  • It will take an additional 6 to 10 weeks to complete one of the required elective courses.

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3. How many classes are there?

  • Two Core Classes
    • Electric Utility Planning 100 (7 weeks)
    • Electric Utility Planning 101 (7 weeks)
  • One Electric Class (choose one of the below)
    • Project Management (6 weeks)
    • Construction Management (10 weeks)
    • AutoCAD (7 weeks)

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4. Will the classroom instruction include utility system training such as SAP?

No, specific utility system training will not be taught.

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5. Where will the classes be held?

California State Polytechnic University Pomona - Center for Technology Training & Incubation (CTTI)

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6. When will Core Classes be taught?

All core classes will be taught on consecutive Saturday mornings 8:30 to 12:30.

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7. When will Elective Classes be taught?

  • Elective classes will be offered at various times throughout the academic year
  • Project Management and AutoCAD will be offered on Saturdays 1:30 to 5:30
  • Construction Management will be offered on weeknights (TBD)

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8. Are there educational credits for the classes?

  • Yes, CEU credits are awarded upon each class completion
  • Electric Utility Planning 100 (7 weeks) 2.8 CEUS
  • Electric Utility Planning 101 (7 weeks) 2.8 CEUS
  • Choose one Elective Class from below:
    • Project Manangement (6 weeks) 2.4 CEUS
    • Construction Management (10 weeks) 2.5 CEUS
    • AutoCAD (7 weeks) 2.8 CEUS

Note:  CEU credits are not applicable for an academic degree.

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9. What core classes are needed to complete the Utility Planner Certification?

10. What elective courses are available?

See the Elective Course list.

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11. How do I register for the classes?

Contact Cal Poly Pomona - College of Extended University at (909) 869-2288 or view program courses.

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12. When does registration start for the courses?

See Registration information

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13. How much does the Electric Utility Planner Certification Program cost?

Electric Utility Planning 100 (7 weeks) $1,195

Electric Utility Planning 101 (7 weeks) $1,195

One Elective Class (must choose from one of area listed below)

Project Management (6 weeks) $950

Construction Management (10 weeks) $425

AutoCAD (7 weeks) $1,195

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14. Will graduates of the Electric Utility Planner Certification program be guaranteed a planner job at an Electric Utility company?

  • No, every individual brings different experiences and skills to a job so there is never a guarantee for a position at the end of the program.
  • This certificate will provide every student an opportunity to learn the basics skills and knowledge required of an entry-level Electric Utility Planner.
  • Students are encouraged to inquire with each individual utility by contacting the HR department.

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15. Can the Introduction to Utility Planning 101 course be taken at a later time rather than immediately after Introduction to Utility Planning 100?

Core courses must be taken consecutively. If an exception is required, contact CEU Registration at 909-869-2288

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16. Are make-up classes available if unable to attend a class?

Students can miss only one (1) class in a course.

Students will need to contact the instructor for make-up class material.

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17. How often will the courses for the Utility Planner Certification be offered?

The Utility Planner Certification Program will be offered twice a year, approximately every six (6) months.

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18. Can a certificate be awarded if only the core classes are completed?

No, both core courses and one elective must be completed before a certificate is awarded.

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