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Mastering Mathematics

Mastering Mathematics

Math is essential in almost every career imaginable. In fact, math is used in almost everything we do – from construction work to business, from computers to personal finances, even cooking! Math has become an integral part of our daily lives. Yet, it is often a stumbling block for many students.

Mastering Mathematics gives students the tools they need to become more proficient and confident in their math skills. The program brings math to life through everyday examples of math at work.  By participating in fun, interactive math games, group activities and projects, middle students with all levels of math ability quickly make the connection between the math concept and its application in real-life.

Topics include:

  • Two-step equations
  • Percentages and terminating decimals
  • Fractions
  • Algebra and introduction to geometry

All instruction is designed to increase participant’s ability to reason symbolically in order to solve increasingly more complex equations and problems.

Assignments are comprised of problems at varying levels of difficulty so that even the best students will be challenged; yet every student will complete them with a sense of accomplishment.

Once students discover they can “Master Mathematics” – they can master anything!

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