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Exploring Engineering

Exploring Engineering

Exploring Engineering gives students an in-depth introduction to the exciting field of engineering. Participants get a complete picture of this vital career field as they tour a variety of high-tech engineering labs, listen to presentations by industry experts and hear first hand from Cal Poly Pomona students how they have turned their love for creating into a rewarding career in engineering.

Exploring Engineering is a true hands-on experience where students design, build and test their own engineering projects.

Hands-on labs include:

  • Catapult Performance
  • Building and Testing Bridges
  • Blasting Bottle Rockets
  • 3D Printing
  • Free Fall Exercises
  • Paper Helicopters and more!

Exploring Engineering reinforces many key mathematical concepts including:

  • Basic equations
  • Triangle geometry
  • Equation of a line with concept of slope
  • Basic statistics and probability
  • Circle geometry, forces, and rate (displacement, velocity, acceleration) 

Based on the skill level of the students, curriculum will be modified as necessary to accommodate middle school or high school students.