CFA logo California Faculty Association (CFA) - Membership Quiz





1.    Are you a member of the California Faculty Association?

Yes     No       I think so        I have no idea

No, our records show you are not a member of the CFA and therefore are not covered by the one million dollars of professional liability insurance.


2.    It will cost me the exact same to be a CFA Member as I am currently paying in agency fees.

True    False

True, however there is a $5 to $10 voluntary donation that goes to our Political Action Contribution.  If you want the exact same cost, write “NO PAC” on your application and it will be the same.


3.    The CFA is the exclusive bargaining unit for my contract.

True    False

True, please visit and review the collective bargaining agreement that governs your working conditions.  You can download and search the contract for specific articles.


4.    I signed a contract; this is the same as the contract the California Faculty Association negotiated with the CSU.

True    False

False, you signed an employment agreement with the university.  Your working conditions and much of university policy are governed by the Collective Bargaining Agreement (



5.    The California Faculty Association takes money from my paycheck and puts it toward the political agenda it has.

True    False

False, it is not legal for a union to spend money that is not a voluntary donation on partisan politics.  If you like the political action work that CFA does, please allow a $5-$10 monthly voluntary donation.



6.    With CFA Membership I have a million dollars of professional liability insurance, which costs me nothing more than I am already paying in agency fees.

True    False

True, all members of the CFA have a million dollars of professional liability insurance through CFA affiliate, NEA.  All you have to do is sign the membership card.


7.    I became a member of the CFA because:

a.    A strong union means a strong contract

b.    Membership does not cost me any more than agency fees but I receive additional member benefits including one million dollars of professional liability insurance.

c.     I wanted to be part of the 77% of tenured/tenured track faculty who are members.

d.    All of the above

D, all of the above would be true if you were a member of the CFA.


8.    I am not a member of the CFA because:

a.    Someone in my department once said it was not a good thing to join the CFA.

b.    I would pay more money if I was a member

c.     I just never thought about it

d.    I don’t believe in unions and want nothing to do with them

Only you can answer this, but we are interested in understanding why some faculty are not members of the CFA.


9.    The CFA only represents teaching faculty.

True    False

False, the CFA represents all unit three employees including coaches, librarians, counselors and teaching faculty both full and part-time.


10. My check says I am paying something to the California Faculty Association; this must mean I am a member.

True    False

False, your check might say, “agency fee” but you are not a member without signing the membership application.  You can join by contacting the CFA at ext. 4818 and asking for a membership application.  Or go to and fill out the card, print it and mail it in, or send it by campus mail to the CFA Office 1:223.