Important Information for Faculty

RTP Candidates in general
RTP Candidates in particular--new faculty
Chairs and DRTP chairs vis-a-vis candidates


Records Each Lecturer Should Maintain

RTP Candidates in general

Records Each Probationary Faculty member Should Maintain

RTP Candidates in particular--new faculty

Suggestions for New Faculty Who Are Candidates in the RTP Process


- Use the correct department RTP document [Appendix 16, 305.700]
- Verify eligibility for action(s) requested: If there is any conflict between the information provided by the Office of Faculty Affairs and your department, check with an administrator in the Faculty Affairs office.
- In your self-evaluation address the criteria in your department’s RTP document.
-Your self-evaluation of teaching should include a discussion of your teaching philosophy.
-Your self-evaluation of both service and professional growth should include a discussion (in narrative form) of how your activities satisfy your department’s criteria. A list of activities is not sufficient.
-For professional activities give complete citations, particularly for presentations you make and for all publications.
- REMEMBER; The final decision will be made by the President (or Provost). You must convince him that you deserve the action(s) you are requesting.


Letter of appointment
Any additional correspondence about your position or your work at Cal Poly
Complete RTP packages for each year
(Be sure to include all Peer Reviews – include any rebuttals you made)
For each class taught, by quarter:
- course syllabus;
- all assignments;
- all tests, quizzes; final exam;
- grades (copy of grade sheet);
- student evaluations, (if administered);
- peer evaluations (classroom visits), if conducted; [and your response,   if any];
- any correspondence with administrators or chairs regarding students or teaching issues.


Introductory comments: What you are applying for, your current probationary year, the year of the document you are using.

Teaching: List departmental criteria you satisfy, and for each of these explain why you satisfy them You need to present at least a brief summary of your student evaluations and peer evaluations. If your department does not require a statement of your philosophy of teaching, include a brief one - consisting of 1 or 2 paragraphs.

Professional Growth: List the criteria you satisfy and explain why you satisfy them. You may cite the items listed in the previous "objective" section. Remember that most faculty and administrators who read this are not familiar with your field of scholarship.

Service:  Same as above. Note that being either a committee member or committee chair is not sufficient. You have to have done something worthwhile. Be sure to explain what it is you have done and why it is wonderful. 

Summary: Explain why you have satisfied (or exceeded) the criteria for the action(s) you have requested.

Pay attention to spelling and grammar. Have someone from your department and someone not from your department read your self evaluation critically before submitting it.

Chairs and DRTP chairs vis-a-vis candidates

The department chair shall ensure that each faculty member has a copy of the approved RTP criteria. [Appendix 16, 305.201]
Department Chairs who are members of the DRTPC shall not write a separate Department Chair's statement/recommendation. [Appendix 16, 305.301 D]
DRTPC Chair: Keep the package in a secure place at all times. [Appendix 16, 305.301]
Make sure that the department administrative support coordinator is familiar with the process for adding material to and removing material from the package. [The rules that apply here are the same as the rules for the PAF, with the exception that it is the DRTPC Chair who is the custodian of the package. ]
DRTPC Chair: Post solicitation of input from faculty and students for all RTP candidates.
DRTPC Chair: Be sure that the 2 peer evaluations for this cycle were performed for each candidate. If they were not have them done as soon as possible.
DRTPC: Be sure to compare student and peer evaluations.
DRTPC: Verify that the candidate has addressed criticisms and suggestions for improvement received in last year’s RTP cycle.
DRTPC and Department Chair: In writing your evaluation be sure to address the criteria in your department’s RTP document. [appendix 16, 305.201] (Verify that you are using the appropriate criteria for the candidate. See Appendix 16 [Appendix 16, 305.700].)
DRTPC Chair: If the committee’s  recommendation contains negative comments or suggestions for improvement, the DRTPC chair should meet personally with the candidate to explain the issues and emphasize the importance of addressing them.
DRTPC Chair: If the committee will not be able to complete the evaluation by the deadline notify the candidate and tell the candidate when it will be completed. Be sure to obtain permission from the URTPC Chair.  [Appendix 16, 305.113]