College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Jane Ballinger

Jane BallingerOffice: Building 1-324
Phone: 909-869-3538

Jane Ballinger (Ph.D., University of Texas) is Professor of Communication. She teaches in the Journalism and Public Relations options.

Professionally, Professor Ballinger has worked as a reporter, copy editor and was a public relations consultant for non-profit organizations. In 2006, she was named the outstanding advisor for the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences at Cal Poly Pomona.

 Professor Ballinger teaches:
  • Beginning Desktop Publishing
  • Media, Politics, Sex, & Violence
  • Reporting I
  • Advanced Desktop Publishing
  • Public Opinion, Propaganda, and the Mass Media
  • Political Economy of Mass Communication
  • Media Criticism

Sample Publications:

Reese, Stephen  D. and Jane Ballinger. (2003). The Roots of a Sociology of News: Remembering Mr. Gates and Social Control in the Newsroom, Journalism Quarterly, 78:4, 641-658.

Ballinger, Jane R. (2003). Marketing a Movement: Media Relations Strategies of the U.S. Gay and Lesbian Movement. The Electronic Journal of Communication 13(4).

Ballinger, J. R.  (2000). "Journalism" in Zimmerman, B. (2000).  "Lesbian histories and cultures:  An encyclopedia." New York:  Garland.

Lund, S. and Ballinger, J.R. "Hegemonic process and the marginalization of masculinity in news coverage of the beating and death of Matthew Shepard." presented at the 2000 ICA conference.

Ballinger, J. R. "Marketing a movement: Media relations strategies of the gay and lesbian movement," presented at the 1998 AEJMC conference.