College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Kang Hoon Sung

Kang SungOffice: Building 1-326
Phone: 909-869-3541


Kang Hoon Sung (Ph.D., University of Florida) is Assistant Professor of Communication. He teaches in the Public Relations and Organizational Communication options.

Professor Sung’s research focuses on online strategic communication and corporate social responsibility. He received his B.A. (English Language and Literature) from Korea University and M.A. (Public Relations) from the University of Florida. Professionally, Professor Sung has worked as a PR consultant for various multinational companies such as Boeing, MasterCard, Bacardi and Outback Steakhouse.

Professor Sung teaches:

  • Communication Theory
  • Communication Research
  • PR Writing
  • PR Management
  • PR Campaigns

Sample Publications:

Sung, K. & Lee, M. (in press). Do online comments influence the public’s attitudes toward an organization?
Effects of online comments based on individuals’ prior attitudes, Journal of Psychology.

Kim, S., Kim, S., & Sung, K. (in press) How Fortune 100 companies use Facebook: Corporate ability versus
social responsibility, Journal of Communication Management.

Sung, K. & Kim, S. (2014). I want to be your friend: The effects of organizations’ interpersonal approaches on
social networking sites, Journal of Public Relations Research, 26 (3), 235-255.

Kim, S. & Sung, K. (2014). Revisiting the effectiveness of base crisis response strategies in comparison of
reputation management crisis responses. Journal of Public Relations Research, 26 (1), 62-78.

Sung, K. (2014). The Effect of Interactivity and Conversational Tone on Organizations’ Personification and
Perceived Relationship Investment. Presented at the International Communication Association, Seattle, May.
*Best Faculty Paper (Top Five) in Public Relations Division