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Richard Kallan

Richard KallanOffice: Building 1-312

Phone: 909-869-3521

Richard Kallan (Ph.D., Northwestern University) is Professor of Communication and Chair of the Communication Department.

Professor Kallan has taught a variety of courses in writing and speaking at various universities. More recently, his teaching interests have been directed toward mentoring students through his role as coordinator of the department's internship program. Most of Professor Kallan's research and publications focus on how language functions rhetorically, and, more specifically, on how writers use various strategies and tactics to create compelling messages that ensure persuasion.

Sample Publications:

Kallan, R. A. (2012). Renovating your writing: Shaping ideas into clear, concise, and compelling messages. Boston: Pearson.

Kallan, R. A. (2005). Armed gunmen, true facts, and other ridiculous nonsense: A compiled compendium of repetitive redundancies. New York: Pantheon Books/Random House.

Gunning, R., Kallan, R. A. (1994). How to take the fog out of business writing. Chicago: Dartnell.

Kallan, R. A. (2000). Teaching journalistic cogency with 55-word short stories. Journalism & Mass Communication Educator, 55(3), 81-88.

Kallan, R. A. (1979). Style and the new journalism: A rhetorical analysis of Tom Wolfe. Communication Monographs, 46, 52-62.