College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Graduate Academic Advising

At the begin of each academic year faculty from the Department of Economics meet with all graduate students in a General Advising Meeting to discuss their progress in the program and possible problems. Also new students are introduced to the current graduate students.

Before Meeting with your Adviser

Before you see your adviser, please make a study plan, print the study plan, and bring it to your advising meeting.

New Students

New students in the program will select their Personal Mentor during their first General Advising Meeting. The mentor will help the student during the academic year with his/her study plans and possible problems. They may change their mentor but are encouraged to work with one mentor over time to build a working relationship.

All economics majors are encouraged to seek out advice from any member of the graduate committee.

During the 2nd quarter every student has to see her/his adviser to make a graduate contract.

For graduate advisor contact information, please see the Graduate Program Contacts page.


Students will be subject to qualification and may be disqualified from the university if their cumulative grade point average falls below 3.0 in upper division and graduate courses after the second quarter of attendance. Students will be restored to good standing when they are no longer subject to disqualification. Students will be automatically disqualified at the end of any quarter if they are 9 or more grade points below a 3.0 grade point average. Student may petition through the graduate coordinator to the Associate Vice President for Academic for Academic Programs for a reinstatement under exceptional circumstances.