College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Academic Advising

Department Policies

A summary of the formal policies followed by the Economics Department are below.

Students at Risk

Students with a GPA below 2.00 will be subject to a hold on their registration and required to meet with the Department Chair to discuss their academic progress and develop a plan to improve their GPAs. Only the Chair is allowed to remove the hold. It is important that the students meet with the Chair as soon as possible to avoid any delay in their course enrollment. The students will be asked to sign a University document regarding their plan for progress. During the meeting, the Chair will determine the course of action, to remove the hold, recommend a quarter off or disqualification. Students should evaluate/analyze their academic progress and develop a plan prior to meet with the chair.

Transfer Students

Transfer students will be welcomed and advised by the Chair during the times selected by the University and/or College. During the first two weeks at CPP the students will be assigned to a faculty advisor.

All Undergraduates: Progress toward Graduation

All students in the program will be assigned a faculty advisor and will be required to meet with the advisor once a year. A hold will be placed on the student’s registration during one quarter per year and will not be removed until the student has met with their adviser. The advisor will provide the students with information on courses, university policies/regulations, how to seek help on courses and topics related to their academic success and graduation. Students are free to change their advisors by completing a petition signed by the Chair with a copy to the new and previous advisors.

Students are expected to develop a realistic academic plan toward their graduation. For example, the plan should consider the courses they intend to take each quarter, taking into consideration the fact that some courses are offered once a year, and there are trade-offs with personal commitments.

Those students who encounter problems meeting with the faculty advisor, due to conflict with office hours, jobs, etc., need to communicate with the Chair to find a way to obtain the required advising prior to the end of the registration period. Students who fail to meet with their faculty advisor will not be able to register.

Report, Graduation, and Financial Aid

Those students who receive holds or any formal document from the University regarding graduation, progress reports, status of financial aid, are required to meet with the Chair to take the appropriate steps to address the concerns.