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Semester Curriculum & Course Offerings

Curriculum Sheets and Road Maps

 Curriculum Sheets and 4-year Road Maps for Quarter Systems

Use the following guide to plan using the semester courses to complete quarter curriculum

Q to S comparison for all three options in GEO major and two options in ANT major

Pdf file    Excel File

Detailed course to course conversion guide:

Course substitution guide (for quarter courses that do not exist in semesters)

Draft Semester Curricula
Academic Year 2018 - 2019 (Official Version will be available soon on the university website)

Anthropology- Archaeology Option
Anthropology-General Anthropology Option
Anthropology-Applied Anthropology Option

Geography-Environmental Studies Option
Geography- Geospatial Analysis Option
Geography- Geographic Studies Option

Planned Course Offerings

Below are links that will provide you with the department's current plans for course offerings in upcoming academic years. However, due to budget, faculty availability, and other factors, we cannot guarantee that all these courses will be offered as scheduled even though we will do our best.  We will also help students find alternatives if we are not able to offer a planned course. For Quarter to Semester course compare, check the conversion guide:

PLEASE NOTE: Many courses are taught only once each year while others are only taught every other year. Students are strongly encouraged to review the projections here and to enroll in required courses without delay.