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Recent Books by Faculty (2013-present)

Crusader for Democracy

Delgadillo, Charles. Crusader for Democracy: The Political Life of William Allen White. Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, 2018.







Integration of the PCL

Essington, Amy. The Integration of the Pacific Coast League: Race and Baseball on the West Coast. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2018.







Chronicling California

Hoikkala, Paivi and Eileen V. Wallis. Chronicling California: A Primary Source Reader. San Diego: Cognella, 2016.






The Stadium Century

Lewis, Robert W. The stadium century: Sport, spectatorship and mass society in modern France. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2017.







Ancient Near East

Podany, Amanda H. The Ancient Near East: A Very Short Introduction. New York and London: Oxford University Press, 2014.







Ancient Near East

Podany, Amanda H. El antiguo Oriente Próximo: Une breve introducción. Translated by Javier Alonso López. Madrid: Alianza, 2016.






Living Gandhi

Sethia, Tara and Anjana Narayan (eds.) The Living Gandhi.   Delhi: Penguin, 2013.







Fang Lizhi

Wang, Zuoyue and the Editorial Committee for Memorial Collections on Fang Lizhi (Xinmin Hua, Xiaokang Su, Xiang Zhou, Perry Link, Ke Chiang Hsieh, Shujun Wang, Zuoyue Wang, Wei Xiong, Jian Chen, Jian Yang, Pei Xu, Ke Fang, Shuxian Li, and others) (eds.), Fang Lizhi in Humanities: A Memorial CollectionHong Kong: Mirror Books, 2016.





Wirtschafter Church and Society

Wirtschafter, Elise. Church and Society in Modern Russia: Essays in Honor of Gregory L. Freeze. Edited with Manfred Hildermeier. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag, 2015.






Wirtschafter Religion and Enlightenment

Wirtschafter, Elise. Religion and Enlightenment in Catherinian Russia: The Teachings of Metropolitan Platon. DeKalb, IL, 2013; paperback edition, 2013.






Wirtschafter Serf to Soldier

Wirtschafter, Elise. From Serf to Russian Soldier. Princeton, NJ, 1990; Princeton Legacy Library edition, 2014.






Wolhcke Perpetual Fair

Wohlcke, Anne. 'The Perpetual Fair': Gender, Disorder, and Urban Amusement in Eighteenth-Century London. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2014.







Recent books by Emeritus Faculty Members 


Brundage British Historians

Brundage, Anthony and Richard Cosgrove. British Historians and National Identity: From Hume to Churchilll (London: Routledge, 2014).






Major Articles and Book Chapters by Faculty (2013-present)

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Campbell, Stephen. “Funding the Bank War: Nicholas Biddle and the Public Relations Campaign to Re-Charter the Second Bank of the United States, 1828-1832.” American Nineteenth Century History 17, no. 3 (Fall 2016).


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Podany, Amanda H. “The Conservatism of Hana Scribal Tradition.” In Cultures and Societies in the Middle Euphrates and Habur Areas in the Second Millennium BC – I,” edited by D. Shibata and S. Yamada, 69-98. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2016.


Podany, Amanda H. “Hana and the Low Chronology.” Journal of Near Eastern Studies 73/1 (2014), 49-71.


Sethia, Tara. “Capitalism, Nationalism and Industrialization in the Age of Imperialism: The Case G. D. Birla and the Jute Industry in Colonial India,” in Arnold Kaminski and Roger Long (eds.) Nationalism and Imperialism in South and Southeast Asia.  (Delhi: Manohar, 2015), pp. 185-206. 


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Wirtschafter, Elise. “Orthodoxy and Enlightenment in Catherinian Russia: The Tsarevich Dimitrii Sermons of Metropolitan Platon,” in Thinking Orthodox in Modern Russia: Culture, History, Context, eds. Patrick Lally Michelson and Judith Deutsch Kornblatt (Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2014), pp. 43-63.


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