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History is an excellent major for students who are interested in going into teaching, law, government, business, library science, archival work, the forest service, law enforcement, and many other fields. History majors become expert in critical thinking, research skills, and writing, while also exploring fascinating eras, events, movements, and ideas of the past. 

All History majors in Cal Poly Pomona's History Department take a required sequence of five semester-long courses, beginning with HST 1100, The Study and Practice of History, which should be taken as soon as possible after enrollment in the History major. Juniors and seniors (starting in 2018-2019 after semester conversion) take one seminar focused on research methods and historiography (HST 3300, Theory and Practice of History) and one research seminar emphasizing primary-source research skills (HST 4494, 4495, 4496, or 4497) that will count as an upper-division elective course. They will also complete a two-semester Senior Thesis class, during which they do research in primary and secondary sources on a topic of their choice and write a senior thesis of at least 30 pages.


Students who are interested in teaching will enroll in the Pre-Credential Option, which will expose them to the content that they will need to teach history-social science in grades 7-12 (including required courses in the humanities and social sciences, as well as in history). Students who are not interested in teaching may select the general history major, which includes more unrestricted electives and allows students to pursue a minor in another department.


We look forward to receiving your application to our renowned program in history.