College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences


Students are strongly encouraged to consult their advisor at least once each semester. If you have an advising hold, you are required to consult your advisor in order to have it lifted.


If you are an entering freshman, new transfer student, or thinking about becoming a History major or History minor, you should meet with Dr. Eileen Wallis, the department chair (call for an appointment at 909-869-3860, or e-mail the Department Administrative Coordinator, Eva Baeza, at


**Reminder: For general advising issues (GE classes, University and College policies, orientation and graduation, the Two-Year and Four-Year Pledge Programs, etc.), please contact the CLASS Student Success Center (Building 5, Room 228; 909-979-5711 or 909-979-5712).


History majors and potential majors: while you are free to discuss your academic progress with any faculty member, we assign official advisors to majors alphabetically.


If your last name begins with:


A or B your advisor is Dr. David DeVore (

C, Mc, X, Y or Z  your advisor is Dr. John Lloyd (

D, E, F, I or J your advisor is Dr. Anne Wohlcke (

G or H your advisor is Dr. Rob Lewis  (

K or L your advisor is Dr. Tara Sethia (

N, O, P or Q your advisor is Dr. Rachel Van ( (on sabbatical Fall 2018; see Dr. Eileen V. Wallis) 

M (other than Mc) your advisor is Dr. Mahmood Ibrahim (

R or S your advisor is Dr. Dan Lewis ( )

T, U, V or W your advisor is Dr. Zuoyue Wang (


Special advising notes

  • If your advisor is on leave you may choose to see another advisor or you may make an appointment to see Dr. Eileen Wallis by calling Ext. 3860 or e-mailing


  • All students who have selected the Pre-Credential Option of the major should consult with Dr. Michael Slaughter at the start of their junior or senior year (


  • History majors who are "At Risk"  (those whose GPA is at or below 2.2), those who are part of the "Four-Year Pledge" program, those who receive Veterans benefits or are part of the ROTC program should make an appointment with Dr. Eileen Wallis by calling Ext. 3860 or e-mailing


  • History majors in the Kellogg Honors College should meet with Dr. Amanda Podany; e-mail her at


  •  History graduate students should meet with Dr. Amanda Podany (