College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Semester Conversion

The Department of History (like all departments at Cal Poly Pomona) will be converting to semesters beginning in Fall 2018.

The information provided here applies to History majors only. For all other CPP current or future students, general information for students about semester conversion may be found at: You may also contact your home department.


Students who entered CPP on quarter system and continuing in 2018-19

Students who will enter CPP in Fall 2018 or beyond

Students who entered CPP on the quarter system and who are continuing in 2018-19 (or beyond):

  • For overall equivalencies between quarter and semester courses, please consult the
    pre-credential program quarter to semester conversion chart (PDF).

  • Students pursuing the general option can ignore the designated pre-credential support course requirements; you will still be responsible for the same history core course requirements, but can take any nine upper-division history courses to fulfill your upper-division requirements.

  • Students pursuing the pre-credential option will still need to take two American history courses and HST 370/3370, three European history and three Area Studies classes.


Frequently-asked questions:

  • Will I have to take more classes to complete my degree because of semester conversion?

    • No -- while the number of units required for the major has changed, the number of courses necessary to graduate has not changed.

  • How many classes will I be taking per semester?

    • While taking four 3-unit classes (12 units) is considered full-time for financial aid purposes, full-time students can anticipate taking 15 units (five 3-unit classes) per semester.

  • Will current Cal Poly Pomona academic policies (e.g. about grade forgiveness, petitions, etc.) still apply once we are on semesters?

    • Yes. Rules and regulations regarding petitions, transfer credit, grade appeals, grade forgiveness, etc. will be maintained and modified only cosmetically.

  • What about the lower-division GE requirements for the history major? Have they changed?

    • Yes, but not substantially. What is currently a three course series (HST 101-102-103) on quarters will become a two course series (HST 1101-1102) on semesters.

    • If you began the series on quarters, but HAVE NOT yet completed all three, please make every effort to take your missing class (or classes) during SUMMER 2018, before semester conversion. Otherwise, you will have to take at least one full semester class (1101 or 1102) to finish the sequence.

    • Alternatively, you can wait to begin the sequence on semesters.


  • How about the upper-division core history sequence? Rumor has it that one required class is disappearing...

    • Yes, sort of. What is currently a four-course sequence on quarters (HST 300-390-461-462) will become a three-course sequence on semesters (HST 3300-4610-4620).

    • After conversion, the two senior thesis courses (HST 4610 and HST 4620) will run Fall and Spring only. It will take one full year to complete senior thesis.

    • If you HAVE ALREADY TAKEN both HST 300 and HST 390 before semester conversion, you simply need to complete HST 4610 and 4620 to fulfill the core requirements.

    • If you have NOT taken HST 300, you will begin the core sequence in Fall 2018 (or later) with HST 3300.

    • If you have taken HST 300 BUT NOT HST 390 before Fall 2018, you can still take the 4610-4620 sequence without problems. However, you MUST TAKE one of the new Digital Research Project classes (HST 4494, HST 4495, HST 4496, HST 4497) to substitute for HST 390. 

  • OK, speaking of the Digital Research Project classes -- that sounds like I'm going to have to take more upper-division history content courses to graduate. Please tell me that's not true?

    • No, that's not true. All students will be still be responsible for the same number of upper-division history courses on semesters as was the case on quarters (nine courses for students pursuing the general history option, eight courses plus HST 370/3370 (History of California) for pre-credential students).

      • Example: Monique is a history major with the general history option who has already taken four upper-division courses on quarters. She will need to take five more upper-division courses on semesters. 

    • Pre-credential students will still have the same upper-division distribution requirements on semesters as was the case on quarters (two American History classes plus HST 370/3370, three European History classes, and three Area Studies classes).

    • The new Digital Research Project classes (HST 4494, HST 4495, HST 4496, HST 4497) will be new classes offered on a topic that isn't regularly taught in the department. They will count just the same as any other upper-division content course towards your upper-division requirements. All incoming students (Fall 2018 and onwards) will be required to take at least one Digital Research Project before graduation. As for the format and content of the classes, every student in the class will do a research project within the field of the class which will involve use of digital primary and secondary sources and may incorporate digital media in the finished project. These are great preparation for Senior Thesis!
    • Our first Digital Research Project offered in Fall 2018 will be HST 4495: Christians in the Early Roman World, taught by Dr. David DeVore. Other Digital Research Project classes in future semesters will be
      offered on a variety of topics, such as the First World War (Spring 2019).



Students who will enter CPP in Fall 2018 or later: 

Your task is pretty straight-forward. Please consult the Road Maps and Curriculum Guides below:


General Option

History Curriculum Sheet (semesters - 2018-19 onward) (PDF)

History Four-Year Road Map (semesters - 2018-19 onward) (PDF)

History Two-Year Road Map for community college transfer students (semesters - 2018-19 onward) (PDF)


Pre-Credential Option

 Pre-Credential Curriculum Sheet (semesters -- 2018-19 onward) (PDF)

Pre-Credential Four-Year Road Map (semesters -- 2018-19 onward) (PDF)



For more information about conversion, please contact your department advisor .