College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Two Year Course Plan

2017 to 2018 MPA Courses

CourseFall 2017Winter 2018Spring 2018
MPA 500 Intro Emerson
MPA 501 Policy Collins
MPA 502 Budgeting TBD
MPA 503 Human Res. Gossett
MPA 504 Quantitative Emerson
MPA 505 Qualitative Collins
MPA 506 Admin. Ethics Speak
MPA 520 Intergovernmental
MPA 599 Special Topics Admin. Leadership
City Management
MPA 600 Capstone Reese
MPA 695 Project Emerson Emerson MPA Faculty
MPA 696 Thesis MPA Faculty MPA Faculty MPA Faculty
MPA 697 Culminating Exam n.a. n.a. Nelson
MPA 698 Internship Collins Collins Collins
MPA 699 Continuation Emerson Emerson Reese

Scheduled [Please note that Fall 2018 CPP will be on a semester schedule.  This is provisional]

CourseFall 2018 SemesterSpring 2018 Semester
MPA 5000 Intro Emerson
MPA 5010 Policy Wang
MPA 5020 Budgeting Wang
MPA 5030 Human Res. Reese
MPA 5041 Quantitative Emerson
MPA 5081 Admin. Law and Ethics Speak
MPA 5990 Qualitiative Methods Collins
MPA 5265 Crisis Management Moayedi
MPA 5585 Urban Administration Wang
MPA 5655 Community Sustainability Collins
MPA 6000 Capstone Reese
MPA 6950 Project Emerson Wang
MPA 6960 Thesis Speak Collins
MPA 6970 Culminating Exam Wang Wang
MPA 6990 Continuation Emerson Reese