College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Professional Standards

  • Timeliness for Class

    Arrive before class and/or by the schedule time on the syllabus.

  • Preparation for Class

    Do homework and readings before class and submit assignments on time. Preparation is essential to participation in class.

  • Quality of Work, Plagiarism

    Work should be written at an academic/professional level and be of sound quality and cited appropriately. Plagiarism is unacceptable. (See definitions below)

  • Participation in Group Work

    Members should distribute work equitably and colleagues should be accountable and respectful of others by completing assignments as agreed upon. Efforts should maximize quality of work though cooperation, collaboration and consciously taking a leadership or follower role.

  • Speaking with and to Others

    Speech should be professional, courteous, respectful, open and clear.

  • Written Presentations 

    Professional, clear, concise, following assigned format that is appropriate for an academic, professional and graduate level scholar. Paper should be free of grammatical and related writing errors.

What is Meant by Plagiarism

  • Plagiarism

    Plagiarism is intentionally or knowingly presenting words, ideas or work of others as one’s own work. There are three types of plagiarism recognized for adjudication on this campus.

  • Type I: Fraudulently Taking Credit for Someone Else’s Work

    Consequence: Student earns an “F” for the course and will be reported to the Office of Judicial Affairs for investigation and disciplinary proceedings.

  • Type II: The “Pastiche” pronounced pas-TEESH

    A pastiche is copying paragraphs from different sources and putting them together in one paper creating a composition of selections of other’s works. As a scholarly effort it is fundamentally dishonest and unprofessional. Consequence: No grade for the paper and an F for the assignment.

  • Type III: Improper Paraphrasing

    A writer copies a passage and substitutes new words in the same sentence structure or keeps the same words and reorganizes the sentence. Consequence: No grade for the paper and an F for the assignment.