College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Diversity Policy

The MPA Program at Cal Poly Pomona, like the Political Science program of which it is an integral part, enjoys a richly diverse environment. It is the world we live in and in many ways the world that the rest of the US will come to live in, in the future. We reflect our environment in this regard. We are a diverse faculty in terms of gender and ethnicity. Diversity is integrated into our course materials, lectures and visiting lecturer participation such as MPA 503 (human relations), MPA 506 (administrative law) and MPA 507 (ethics). This is entirely fitting for a program committed to educating public servants who seek to become change agents within their communities.

It is not enough to enjoy the benefits of our good fortune unreflectively. Consequently, the Program is committed to ways in which our multiple faceted diversity moves us toward our program goals, helping us better prepare ourselves to serve diverse communities.

Download Program Diversity Policy (PDF)