College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Program Duration

The course load for full time in service students (those employed in the public or non-governmental sector) is 36 units. The course load for pre service students (those who are not employed in the public or NGO sectors) is 39 units.

Students taking a full time load of 2 courses for each semester (fall and spring) will complete classes in approximately 2 years.

In addition to course work, students are required under state law to complete a culminating paper. If students wait until they have completed all course work before beginning the culminating paper, additional time will be required. At a minimum it takes up to 1 semester to complete the culminating paper. However, the length of time to complete the paper depends on the student and his/her interests and circumstances.

Students are encouraged to use the summer quarter wisely by: completing the 400 hours required for an internship when necessary, drafting chapters of their culminating paper, drafting the IRB proposal for approval and/or collecting and analyzing data.

Students electing to take less than a full-time load will proceed more slowly through the program. The CSU and university limit for time in a graduate program may not exceed 7 years from the date of enrollment for the first graduate class.