College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Program Outcomes

Data for Students Entering 2011-12 academic year and graduated by spring 2016
Graduation Cohort Rate Initially Enrolled Graduated within Degree Program Graduated 150% of degree program Graduated 200% of degree program
Number of Full/Part Time students in the SSY-5 Cohort 15 8 12 14
% of students in the SSY-5 Cohort ***/ 20 53% 80% 93%

***/ the program does not make a distinction between full and part time. In a quarter –system, full time is 2 courses per quarter and part time is 1 course per quarter. Students typically take one or two courses each quarter.

NOTE: Graduates from this program primarily enter careers with city, county, state governments and nongovernmental organizations.

Percentage of MPA alumni of 2016 by employment sector

10%        National government

25%        State and/or regional government

50%        City, county and/or other local government

10%        Returned to home country
05%        Not Available

100%      Total