College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Student Learning Outcomes

Music Department Student Learning Outcomes 2009 (approved 8/18/09 and amended 5/18/10)

The individual completing our Bachelor of Arts in Music will be able to:

  1. Perform a variety of music with expression and musical accuracy.
  2. Communicate effectively--verbally and in writing--about specific musical works and musicians, about the creative process in music, and about musicʼs role in human culture.
  3. Demonstrate musicianship skills (including those involving technology) and conceptual understandings.
  4. Demonstrate and articulate personal growth as a musician and student of music in the world.
  5. Articulate a holistic understanding of the many influences on any musical endeavor (e.g., cultural, artistic, technological, economic, etc.)
  6. Develop specialized knowledge appropriate to the option or emphasis area.

The individual completing a general education course in music will be able to discuss and appraise the role of music in a balanced life, using appropriate vocabulary and examples from the course they just completed.

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