College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Jury Examination

Jury Examination Policy

  1. A jury exam is required of all students enrolled in studio courses. The exam is to take place during finals week each term. Juries will normally not exceed 10 minutes in duration. Each studio faculty member must determine the amount of time for each component of the jury exam: repertoire, technical study, etc.
  2. The jury grade will be an average of all the grades awarded at the jury. The jury grade then will comprise 30% of the studio instructor's grade for the term.
  3. The "Incomplete" grade will be awarded only on special circumstances, e.g., illness (certified by a physician), physical or emotional incapacitation. A special jury will be during the first two weeks of the next term for the faculty to adjudicate the jury exam for any incomplete grades awarded.
  4. Special juries, that take the place of a regular jury, are required for passage from lower division status to upper division status. They will be conducted each term before a jury of a majority of full time faculty, plus any part time faculty as appropriate. Specific requirements for passage to upper division, having been stated in course outlines for each studio, will govern the jury.
  5. All faculty are to conduct themselves in jury examinations in a supporting manner towards all students.

Jury Examination Form