College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Music Student Responsibilities

To ensure a successful and exciting journey while at Cal Poly Pomona, faculty encourage music students to: 

  • Attend all classes, lessons, rehearsals, coachings.  If the schedule says “TBA” – contact the professor immediately to determine the schedule.
  • Practice your craft daily.
  • Attend performances as often as possible.  You will never have the same kind of opportunity to hear so much varied music as you do when you are in school.
  • Meet with your advisor regularly.  Have a folder with all pertinent information (curriculum sheet, flow chart, etc…) with you for advising sessions.  Stay to the course sequence and facilitate your own graduation!
  • Heed the advice of your advisor and take the classes agreed to.
  • Check Bronco Direct regularly for holds.  That information is not sent to you by email.
  • Get involved with student clubs:  AES, MEIC, MUSE, NAfME, or the Bronco Pep Band
  • Read Cal Poly Pomona email at least three (3) times per week.
  • Take advantage of opportunities for learning as provided by master classes in the department, service groups and cultural groups on campus, study abroad programs, etc…

Furthermore, we expect music students to adhere to all University guidelines regarding student conduct.  Following are two such guidelines:

  1. All members of the university community are expected to practice self-discipline, fair and independent judgment, and responsibility for their treatment of others.  The relationship among faculty, administrators, staff, and students should be free of exploitation, harassment, or discriminatory treatment….

    Cal Poly Pomona Catalog, 2003-2005, p. 52.
  2. It is expected that all students are enrolled for serious educational pursuits and that their conduct will preserve an atmosphere of learning.   All students are expected to assume the responsibilities of citizenship in the campus community.….

    Cal Poly Pomona Catalog, 2003-2005, p. 51.

In closing, a few words of inspiration…..

 “Success is a journey, not a destination” 

Ben Sweetland

“To keep up, you need the right answers.  To get ahead, you need the right questions” 

John Browing and Spencer Reiss

Carpe Diem!