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Guitar and Fretted Strings at CPP

Many of Cal Poly Pomona's more than 200 music majors study, perform or record on classical guitar, jazz or commercial guitar, electric bass, guitarrón, latin vihuela, or mandolin. Occasionally the halls echo to the strains of a banjo or ukulele. Our program welcomes music of every kind, seeking the extraordinary within each genre. We study joy and melancholy, braiding into vibrancy the strands of thought, technique and feel.

Five faculty specialists are dedicated to the fretted strings. (Just to be different, one also plays fretless guitar):

Peter Yates (guitar, bowed guitar, prepared guitar) - youtube/peterfyates

Jeff Miley (jazz and commercial guitar) -

Darren “Buzz” Gravelle (guitar, mandolin, commercial guitar, fretless guitar) -

Baba Elefante (electric bass) - Facebook/@BelefanteMusic

Philip Graulty (guitar, electric guitar) -

They and others teach and direct a full range of learn-by-doing courses:

Guitar and Fretted Strings at Cal Poly Pomona

Guitar Ensemble

Jazz Band

Jazz Combo

Mariachi Ensemble

MIDI Ensemble

Songwriter Showcase

Soul Ensemble

Beginning and Advanced Improvisation

Classical Guitar Studio (individual lessons)

Commercial Guitar Studio, Jazz (individual lessons)

Electric Bass Studio (individual lessons)

Beginning Guitar Class

Intermediate Guitar Class

Guitar Seminar (a weekly performance opportunity)

Guitar Literature (the history of the instrument and its music)

Beginning Guitar (for music educators)

Ensemble concerts are given every term, featuring the full range of forces from solos and duos to chamber groups and massed guitars. Performances often also feature collaborations with singers and other instrumentalists, or premieres of student compositions and arrangements.

Some interesting fretted-string alumni to check out:

Felix Salazar, founding member of The Los Angeles Electric 8 - and FeatherWolf -

Philip Graulty, of The Los Angeles Electric 8 and Bridge to Everywhere  -, faculty member at CPP.

Eric Pham, composer, guitarist, bowed guitarist -

Nicholas Barrett, composer, guitarist, prepared guitarist and transcriber for banjo of Krenek and Hindemith solo sonatas.

Every year guest artists come to Cal Poly Pomona to work with students in master classes, give workshops and perform. Past guests have included:

Dusan Bogdanovich -

Julian Coryell -

Rohan Stevenson -

Lynn McGrath -

John Schneider -

The Mobius Trio -

The Living Earth Show -

Fabio Cascioli -

Marco Cappelli -

Torsten Ratzkowski -

Gil Gutierrez -

The LA Electric 8 -

FeatherWolf -