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Bachelor of Music program (BM)

Performance Option

The purpose of the Performance option is to examine diverse musical arts and to provide students with concrete skills to pursue lives in music. We seek to study and promote, within any given genre, music of the highest quality. We develop musicians who listen critically, explore multiple musical styles and traditions, and – through their talent and creativity – inspire current and future generations. The curriculum for the Bachelor of Music Performance degree builds a foundation of musicianship and applies it to many performing contexts. It is our intent not only tofamiliarize students with the traditional conservatory repertoire, but with the broader repertoire of the modern working musician.

Direct Application:

Applicants applying directly to the Performance option must audition on their principal instrument or voice during a scheduled audition time, following repertoire guidelines and suggestions provided across a range of styles. For information and schedule, see Auditions. If an applicant is unable to attend in person, an online audition may be scheduled.

Transferring into the BM in Performance:

Cal Poly Pomona music students who enter under another option, such as General Studies, may later transfer into the BM in Performance by presenting a similar audition.

For opportunities and courses available to performers, see Instrumental and Vocal Areas of Study.

Resources for Performance Option students

Faculty Advisors

Voice, Musical Theatre: Susan Ali -
Commercial: Dave Kopplin -
Piano: Nadia Shpachenko -
Instrumental: Peter Yates -

Curriculum Information