College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Introduction to Careers in Music Service Assignment

Students enrolled in the Introduction to Careers in Music course are required to complete service hours for music publicity.  Each assignment will require 4 hours of time.  All students will be under the direct supervision of the publicist, or other music department staff or faculty, while performing these duties and the appropriate supervisor will submit an evaluation of the work performed to the class instructor.  All work assignments are to be arranged with the publicist in advance by the third Friday of the quarter.  Please refer to the published calendar of events when deciding which date and time you are available to work.

Event Staff

Perform as an usher, house, or stage assistant for a music department event.  Students would be under the supervision of the house and/or stage manager in attendance, as well as the publicist.  Dress code requires that you wear black slacks, or skirt, with a white or black shirt.  No t-shirts, jeans, or sandals are permitted.  Students who arrive inappropriately dressed will not be allowed to work.

Publicity Writer

Obtain information from the appropriate directing faculty member on an upcoming music department event and write a press release promoting the event.  Submit to the publicist at least 4 weeks prior to the event date.  Publicist would then submit to the appropriate press sources if deemed appropriate.

Event Photographer

Using student owned camera, take photographs of a music department event.  This entails making arrangements with the director to take photographs just prior to the event (during rehearsal time or as arranged with the director) and/or during the event, following stipulations set by the director.  It also includes taking the photographs, editing the photographs, and submitting them to the publicist by the established deadline.  (Digital photography only accepted.)  Publicist would then submit to the appropriate media or social networking sources if deemed appropriate.

Publicity Office Assistant

Under direction of the publicist, perform administrative duties which would include posting of flyers, preparing mailing materials, handing out flyers, making photocopies, proof reading text, archiving materials, and other duties as assigned.

Graphic Designer

Using student owned computer, utilizing Adobe Creative Suite software, prepare an event flyer and program for one music department event.  This entails gathering the content information from the appropriate director, preparing the layout and graphic element, checking for accuracy, gaining approval from the director, and submitting it for printing to the publicist, in digital format, by the established deadlines.

Music Librarian Assistant

Assists the music librarian with related library duties such as cataloging materials i.e., CDs, music, books.