College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Los Angeles Philharmonic Tickets

Cal Poly Pomona’s Department of Music is a participant in the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s Community Concert Connections Program.  As a non-profit organization whose work is to serve individuals in the areas of education and culture, we are eligible to receive, based upon availability, up to 50 complimentary tickets for certain LA Philharmonic-sponsored concerts.  The music department participates in this program to provide its students with access to the concerts of this world-renowned orchestra.

For each set of tickets that we receive we pay a handling fee. This fee is passed on to event-goers via a ticket price of $2 each.

Ticket availability will be posted in the music department only.  Requests for tickets will be fulfilled on a first come/first served basis, with a maximum of 4 tickets to each person.  Priority will be given, in order, to music department students, music department faculty, music department alumni, Cal Poly Pomona students, and Cal Poly Pomona faculty and staff members.