College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Press Coverage of Music Events

To ensure that music events are not disturbed the following guidelines have been established for press coverage of music events.  Advisors for the PolyPost campus newspaper should contact the music publicist prior to sending photographers and writers to cover an event.  Phone (909) 869-3554 or e-mail: at least one day prior to the event being covered.  The publicist should be notified in advance of an event, is in attendance at most events, and can be found prior to the event from 6:00pm in the publicity office, room #24-188, or the recital hall, room #24-191.

The publicist will let the appropriate director know that a photographer and/or writer will be coming, and together can determine the access the press should be allowed during the event:

  • Before or after staged photograph
  • Off stage/back stage access
  • House access, but staying in one location
  • Full house access, moving around discretely

The publicist will notify the student assistants working the event that the photographer will be coming and what access they are permitted.

Photographer Rules of Conduct

  1. Flash photography is never allowed during a music event.
  2. Photography takes a secondary role to the event and should not interfere with the performance.  Care should be taken by photographers to be discreet, moving around the house quietly ensuring the audience and performers are not distracted by photographer’s activities.
  3. Camera equipment should be quiet and during especially quiet performances (such as string events) every effort should be made to take pictures only when the shutter will not be disturbing.
  4. Limit the number of photographs taken and stop shooting once enough good pictures are obtained.