College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Senior Project Publicity Guide

Students who will be completing their senior projects need to coordinate with the music publicist on the preparation of project publicity materials (flyer/poster) and the project program.

1. Contact the music publicist for signature on the senior project application form.  

2. Provide 3 copies of flyer to the publicist.  Students are responsible for preparing a flyer for their senior project.  The flyer must be submitted to the committee chair for approval prior to printing.  The student must have the flyer approved prior to posting. Required elements on all flyers:

  • University logo (may be found on the graphic standards webpages)
  • Music department identification
  • Event time, date, and location

3. Submit program information to the publicist at least 2 weeks prior to your senior project date.  The publicist is required to complete the program for all senior project presentations.  Please submit the information in digital form, via Word or email.  The information does not need to be formatted for print, the publicist will format the information.  Content editing is the responsibility of the student and the committee members.  Please submit your information after committee approval is received and after it has been edited for spelling and grammar errors. 

  • Senior Presentations - please submit a paragraph or two describing your presentation. 
  • Senior Recitals - please submit complete program information and any required translations.