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Senior Conference

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Friday, February 24, 2017 | 9:00am-4:20pm

Seniors from the Department of Political Science will present their capstone projects to a campus-wide audience. This capstone experience is meant to be a synthesis and culmination of our student's time at Cal Poly Pomona. We run 15 panels in 5 sessions.

Each panel is moderated and attended by faculty of the Department of Political Science at Cal Poly Pomona. Students are given 10 minutes to present their projects and we allow a short time for Q&A session. Senior Conference is open to the campus community. Light food and refreshments will be provided.

9:00-10:20am: Session #1

Public Perceptions Matter: Policing and Media
Panel #1: Bronco Student Center - Orion A

  • Daisy CampuzanoPolicy, Gender, and Experience on the Use of Force by Police Officers  (Abstract)
  • Melissa MadrigalThe Effect of the Media’s Influence on Voter Behavior in the 2012 and 2016 American Presidential Elections  (Abstract)
  • Arturo SerranoHow the Demeanor of Police Officers Leads to Policy Change and Creation  (Abstract)
  • Armando SotoThe Implications of Police Brutality on Local Resident Approval of Peace Officers  (Abstract)
  • Ivan VillelaCelebrity Endorsements: Does popularity and endorsements change voting outcomes?  (Abstract)

Human Rights Issues Around the World
Panel #2: Bronco Student Center - Orion B

  • Sumaya BamakhramaAre Universal Human Rights Laws Globally Applicable to Combat Cultural Pathways That Lead to Modern Day Slavery Dilemmas?  (Abstract)
  • Analisa CabralShould Child Soldiers Be Prosecuted for their Crimes?  (Abstract)
  • Ivy HernandezHuman Trafficking: A migration crisis in our globalized economy  (Abstract)
  • Gerardo MartinezCountering Organ Trafficking  (Abstract)
  • Carla SantianiThe European Migration Crisis: A closer look at possible responses from the EU  (Abstract)

Courts and International Issues
Panel #3: Bronco Student Center - Orion C

  • Stephanie FelixAbortion Regulation: The ongoing Lone Star state battle between politicians and the public good  (Abstract)
  • Marco GomezImmigration and Human Rights: Is the U.S failing to meet obligations set by international law?  (Abstract)
  • Stephanie Lozano International Adoption: Plummeting rates to the end of an industry?  (Abstract)
  • Thomas GonzalezTrading Away Power and Influence  (Abstract)
  • Nathaniel RosilezThe Power of Precedent in the American Judiciary  (Abstract)

10:30-11:50am: Session #2

US Public Policy in the Three Branches of Government
Panel #4: Bronco Student Center - Orion A

  • Aubrey Ackermann: Political Perceptions and Real World Consequences: Through the lens of Obamacare  (Abstract)
  • Thomas Davis: Divided We Stalemate: Legislative gridlock and the Tea Party in the U.S. House of Representatives  (Abstract)
  • Robert Martinez: The Failure of Legislation to Combat Climate Change in Congress: Can legislation be bought?  (Abstract)
  • Raquel Ortega: What's a First Lady to Do?: A comparative study on “traditional” First Lady Nancy Reagan and “modern” First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton  (Abstract)
  • Gabriel Smith: Bill Introduction: The significance of the Congressional Black Caucus  (Abstract)

More Countries, More Problems: Comparative Politics
Panel #5: Bronco Student Center - Orion B

  • Jorge ArmeniaAn evaluation of the liberalization of Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX)  (Abstract)
  • Louie Jacobo: Title Forthcoming  (Abstract)
  • Kaleab MekonnenThe Current Discussion on Under-Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: Using Ethiopia as a case study  (Abstract)
  • Tejas Raikar: Contemporary Russian Nationalism: Most influential factor?  (Abstract)
  • Jonny Reynoso: Is Corruption the Main Cause of Poverty in Mexico?  (Abstract)
  • Michael Whang: Russian Domestic and Foreign Policy  (Abstract)

The Power to Execute the Laws
Panel #6: Bronco Student Center - Orion C

  • Stephanie Burdo: Understanding the California Language Education Debate from the Perspectives of Scholars, Teachers, and Students  (Abstract)
  • Eli Dowens: Administrative Plights and Potentials in Universal Mental Health Screening for Public Schools  (Abstract)
  • Kie Monleon: A Bridge Divided Will Not Stand: The effects of congressional partisanship on US infrastructure spending  (Abstract)
  • Lani Paz: Let's Talk Money, Baby: Uncovering the process of interstate child support  (Abstract)
  • Samantha Zometa: Late Responses, Careless Actions: Non-transparency in environmental catastrophes  (Abstract)

12:00-1:20pm: Session #3

Social Networking and Winning
Panel #7: Bronco Student Center - Orion A

  • Audria Barrios: #PositiveVibesOnly: The study of the influence social media has in society and political participation  (Abstract)
  • Ange Bikele: How non-profit organizations utilize social media to market their organizations  (Abstract)
  • Daniel Raad: Do Social Networks Mirror the Ideals of a Deliberative Democracy?  (Abstract)
  • Iman Rejali: What Makes a Winning Campaign? A look at the most important factors for a successful state legislature election campaign  (Abstract)
  • Gracie Salazar: The Factors Needed for Volunteer Organization Success  (Abstract)

Rules and Norms: How Countries Make Decisions
Panel #8: Bronco Student Center - Orion B

  • Evan Benson: The Constitution of a Successful Self-Determination Effort  (Abstract)
  • Ernesto Martinez: The War on Mexican Cartels: The Problems & Solutions  (Abstract)
  • Joshua Palacios: Informal Land Rights: Why formalization worked in some countries but not others  (Abstract)
  • Euclid Pangan: Foreign Aid and Military Interests in the Middle East  (Abstract)
  • Steven Zhang: Media Coverage and Foreign Aid: The effects of media on foreign aid to areas of ethnic conflict  (Abstract)

Public Agencies and Political Behavior
Panel #9: Bronco Student Center - Orion C

  • Taylor Andruska: Security vs. Privacy: How does terrorism affect the public's perception of government surveillance?  (Abstract)
  • Paul Gonzales: Living through Terror: Political behavior of post-9/11 veterans  (Abstract)
  • Jennifer Hunter: Alternative Transportation in the United States: How partisan politics gets us nowhere  (Abstract)
  • Rafi Jahangiri: Incarceration and Recidivism: Examining and Improving the Policies Affecting Society’s Most Forgotten Members in the United States  (Abstract)
  • Kevin Kim: US Veterans: Assets back then, liability now  (Abstract)

1:30-2:50pm: Session #4

International Relations Grab Bag
Panel #10: Bronco Student Center - Orion A

  • Ayman Bahrun: Is Islam Incompatible with Democracy?  (Abstract)
  • Daniela Garcia: Title Forthcoming  (Abstract)
  • Tara Kwan: Closing the Gender Gap in Politics  (Abstract)
  • Hannah Mousa: Understanding Democratic Failure in Egypt  (Abstract)
  • Brandon Washington: What Demand-Side Policies Can Be Implemented by States to Effectively Reduce the impact of Illicit Drug Industries?  (Abstract)

The Front Lines of the Court System
Panel #11: Bronco Student Center - Orion B

  • Jared Gonzales: Adversarial Legalism and the Public Defense System  (Abstract)
  • Annaliz Loera: Addressing the Challenges of Growing Numbers of Self-Represented Litigants in the Courts  (Abstract)
  • Reyna Mendoza: The Challenges of Pro Se Litigation  (Abstract)
  • Jacob Quintieri: Negative Perceptions of Public Defenders: Causes and consequences  (Abstract)
  • Ana Quiroz: The Limitations of Self-Representation in the Courts  (Abstract)

Presidential Debates and Gender Issues
Panel #12: Bronco Student Center - Orion C

  • Leilani Benavente: Debate Discord: The increase of opponent-based rhetoric in US presidential debates  (Abstract)
  • Alex Castaneda: Does it Matter? Appearance, Rhetoric, and Tone in Presidential Debates  (Abstract)
  • Evelyn Cobain: Gender Roles and Political Ambition: What ties them together?  (Abstract)
  • Amanda Garske: The Influence of Gender at Presidential Debates  (Abstract)
  • Ashling Kelly: Do Fact Checks Matter? An assessment on the impact of fact-checking in “post-truth” politics  (Abstract)
  • Mayra Lopez: A Look at How Prevailing Traditional Gender Norms Affect Political Ambition  (Abstract)

3:00-4:20pm: Session #5

International Security
Panel #13: Bronco Student Center - Orion A

  • Mitchell Abbott: Title Forthcoming  (Abstract)
  • Mirette Morcos: Counterinsurgency and Counterterrorism? A compatibility analysis  (Abstract)
  • Andre Newman: Hate Crimes or Terrorism? Is there a clear distinction between the two?  (Abstract)
  • Justin Taft: Hello, Anarchic World: Cyber security and the international community  (Abstract)
  • Michelle Torres: Do Socioeconomic Elements Have a Relationship with Female Terrorism?  (Abstract)
  • Evelyn Uribe Lomeli: The Crime-Terror Nexus in Latin America  (Abstract)

Internship Lessons and Application
Panel #14: Bronco Student Center - Orion B

  • Kayla Albrecht: Are the Interests of Low-Income Citizens Represented in Congress?  (Abstract)
  • Naomi Alexander: What Factors Influence Legislators’ Policy Preferences?  (Abstract)
  • Reina Rosales: The implementation of the Violence Against Women's Act and Effects on Immigrant Women  (Abstract)
  • Carla Rosas-Hernandez: The Difficulties of Modern Policing and the Challenges of Police Training  (Abstract)

Legal Issues, Participation, and the Changing Landscape of America
Panel #15: Bronco Student Center - Orion C

  • Janelle De Hara: Strengthening Animal Jurisdiction: Interest group affiliation  (Abstract)
  • Yajayra Fernandez: LColorblind or Blind to Injustice? A critique of colorblind ideology  (Abstract)
  • Joanne Loeza: The Role of Socioeconomic Factors in Community Engagement  (Abstract)
  • Paul Pacheco: Knock Knock, Is Anybody Home? The effectiveness of affordable housing policy  (Abstract)
  • Jamilex Rodriguez: Structural Inequalities: Women at the intersection and workplace policies  (Abstract)