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Jing Wang

Dr. Jing Wang

Assistant Professor of Political Science

PHONE: 909-869-3881


OFFICE: 94-312

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Academic Area

Public Administration, Methodology

Areas of Expertise

Local government management, urban policy and politics, economic development, fiscal policy and financial management, research methods

Research Statement

Dr. Wang teaches courses in public administration. Her research interests focuses on the effects of annextion on local government's financial condition, the role of local fiscal structure and land use, social equity measurement in municipal service privatization, and a new model of community participation in urban China.

Academic Degrees

  • PhD, Arizona State University, 2012
  • MA, Zhejiang University, 2007
  • BA, Zhejiang University, 2005

Courses Taught



Wang, J. & E. S. McFadden. 2016. "The Absence of Social Equity Measurement in Municipal Service Privatization: Are Residents Feeling Dumped on?" State and Local Government Review 48(1): 21-29. (Link)
Wang, J. 2014. "The evolution of intergovernmental relations and challenges to fiscal federalism in the U.S.." Journal of Hangzhou School of Public Administration, 5: 24-29. (in Chinese)
Wang, J., & McFadden, E. 2014. "Social equity in privatization: The customer satisfaction with trash service in the City of Phoenix." Report to the City of Phoenix, Arizona.
Wang, J. 2012. Review of The American urban reader: History and theory, by Corey, S. H. & Boehm, L. K. (Eds.), Journal of Urban Affairs, 34(1): 124-126. (Link)
Chen, Z., Li, D. & Wang, J. 2010. "Citizens’ attitudes toward local government public services: A comparative analysis between the City of Xiamen and the City of Phoenix." Public Performance and Management Review, 34(2), 221-235. (Link)
Fan, B., Zhang, M.,Chen, F. & Wang, J. 2010. "Government waste in China: Situation, causes, and countermeasures." Asian Survey, 50(4), 2010, 684-708. (Link)