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Mario Guerrero awarded American Political Science Association grant

The Special Projects Grant will commemorate the founding of APSA's Latino Caucus

Professor Mario Guerrero wins prestigious fellowshipCongratulations to Mario Guerrero, who along with several colleagues, received a special projects fund grant from the American Political Science Association. Along with colleagues at other institutions, Valerie Martinez-Ebers (University of North Texas), Tony Affigne (Providence College), Jessica Lavariega Monforti (Catholic Lutheran University), Melissa Michelson (Menlo College), Guerrero was awarded a grant for "Looking Back and Moving Forward: The 20th Anniversary Workshop of the APSA Latino Caucus".

At next month's annual meeting of the American Political Science Association in Boston, this grant will allow the recipients to bring together scholars around the country to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the American Political Science Association's Latino Caucus. The workshop will commemorate outstanding scholarship from the last 20 years. Younger scholars are also invited to participate in a series of roundtable panels to be held throughout the day. 

In keeping with its mission to support excellence in political science scholarship and teaching and informed discourse about politics, policy, and civic participation, the American Political Science Association today announced ten recipients of the 2018 Special Projects Fund. Each funded project will receive up to $25,000 for a total of $250,000 across all projects aimed at advancing the political science discipline or addressing significant challenges facing the discipline..