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Dr. Neil Chaturvedi explores Lyndon Johnson's legacy in new Legislative Studies Quarterly manuscript

Congratulations to Dr. Neil Chaturvedi who recently had his work published in Legislative Studies Quarterly. Legislative Studies Quarterly is an international journal devoted to the publication of research on representative assemblies. Its purpose is to disseminate scholarly work on parliaments and legislatures, their relations to other political institutions, their functions in the political system, and the activities of their members both within the institution and outside.

Along with Matt Beckmann and Jennifer Garcia at UC Irvine, Dr. Chaturvedi explores Johnson's legacy with Congress: 

Lyndon Johnson woke up studying whip counts, went to bed reading the Congressional Record, and invested countless hours in between translating that political intelligence into a lobbying offensive. The result, famously christened “The Johnson Treatment,” remains the archetype practitioners and political scientists cite when appraising presidential leadership on Capitol Hill. Yet Beltway folklore aside, we know little about how LBJ helped forge winning legislative coalitions. Stepping back from the (countless) colorful anecdotes, this study offers a new and systematic look at Lyndon Johnson's lobbying. Specifically, after exploring theoretical models of presidential coalition building, we then investigate their operational tenets using original data on all President Johnson's contacts, with each member of Congress, in both chambers, for every day he was president.

Check out his article here. Congratulations once again to Dr. Chaturvedi!