College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Over 100 seniors present their original research projects at annual Senior Conference

Students answer questions about their senior projects

Over 100 seniors in our major gathered together on Friday, February 23 to present their senior capstone projects to the campus community. The senior capstone requires that students undertake a major project in their last year at Cal Poly Pomona. To graduate with a political science degree, students must either complete a thesis with original research or students find an internship in order to assess problems with government.

The Senior Conference is an annual undertaking in our major. Seniors submit their proposed projects to faculty and are then organized into thematic panels. These panels bring together students working on similar topics to start a conversation about major issues in government and political science. Students present their work for 10 minutes, followed by a general question and answer session for the panel that includes the entire audience. This is our 6th year running the event.

Senior Conference is the culmination of our student's time in the major. Students utilize their skillset as political science majors to compete the project and present it to a general audience. This yearly endeavor showcases our department's "learn by doing" philosophy, but illustrates the dedication of our students, faculty, and staff in the pursuit of Student Success!

To see a program of the conference, click here.