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Diversity Circle is a two-hour interactive multicultural workshop.  The workshop offers a small, intimate setting to explore and process topics that are often sensitive.  DC Workshop provide students with the opportunity to develop insight into a multitude of diversity related issues and explore their impact upon individuals, their community, and society as a whole. This type of program engages students in diversity discourse and can assist students in developing comfort and skills in cross cultural communication. Furthermore, these types of workshops can assist in countering bias and promote greater awareness and openness to critical and relevant diversity issues.

















Marysol Cuadrado wasn’t going to let scoliosis stop her from seeing one of the seven wonders of the world.

The Cal Poly Pomona senior sociology student not only ventured to South America via the Peru Summer 2018 Faculty-Led Study Abroad program, she navigated the ancient stairs of Machu Picchu 7,972 feet above sea level.

Cuadrado spent nine days in Peru, visiting both Lima and Cuzco, during a study abroad course in collaboration with the Kellogg Honors College led by CPP professors Suketu Bhavsar and Kent Dickson. Participants studied Peruvian history and culture courtesy of visits to places like the famous city in the mountains constructed by the Incas in the 1400s.

Marisol celebrates at the top of Machu Pichu.
Marysol celebrates at the top of Machu Pichu.

There was some initial concern about Cuadrado’s ability to participate in certain activities on the trip given the neuromuscular disorder that causes weakness in her arms and legs.

“I do believe that it would be amazing for people with disabilities to experience this,” Cuadrado said. “But I also know the insecurities of thinking it’s not possible.”

“A guide was arranged to accompany Marysol alone at Machu Picchu and she was able to walk the whole site with his help despite staircases and many ups and downs, thus fulfilling one of her lifelong dreams,” Dickson said. “Of course there are many other things to say, but this was an especially successful aspect of the planning for which we were grateful.”

The plans to accommodate Cuadrado’s disability allowed her to participate in all aspects of the trip and made the travel easier.

“I was very pleased and very impressed with how Marysol was accommodated at every stage of the trip,” Bhavsar said, “from hotel rooms that were more convenient for her, as well as her transportation at times using taxis while we walked, and other small bits of miscellaneous assistance.”








Congratulations to the following psychology and sociology students who have been accepted into the Peer
Mentor 12th generation cohort! Excited to have this dynamic group of leaders in the department!

Brittany Arevalo
Renee Arroyo
Olivia Bosek
Karli Cheng
Beverly Cotter
Garland Dyer
Evan Greco
Jaculine Heide
Ludyvina Hernandez
Sara Lopez
Tamara Louis
Julia Lozano
Jessie Lu
Arielle Marino
Danell Martinez
Jesus Navarro
Kayla Pavlinac
Deana Perez
Yvonne Rivera
Dominique Ruvalcaba
Jessica Saad
Stephanie Salas (PM Lead)
Kyrie Salazar
Juan Sevilla
Elizabeth Valle
Andrew Yi




Congratulations to Rehana Parekh for being awarded the Psychology's 2017 Outstanding Graduating Senior and the Valedictorian of CLASS.


Congratulations to these students who have been accepted to the following programs:


Laura DaSilva has been accepted to Columbia University, Masters of Education/PhD program in School Psychology.
Michael Ramirez will be pursuing his MPH at UCI this coming Fall.
C. Mariana Curiel has been accepted to the University of Michigan MSW program.
Nguyen P. Nguyen has been accepted into the PhD. program in Counseling Psychology at Texas Tech University.
Ariana Racedo has been accepted to the M.A. in school Psychology Program at Phillips Graduate University.
Anna Liu was accepted to the M.S. in Natural Resources and Environment Behavior, Education & Communication program at the University of Michigan.
Zuleima Carrillo has been accepted to the MSW program at CSU San Bernardino.
Giovanny Alfaro has been admitted to the Masters of Urban and Regional Planning program at Cal Poly Pomona.
Tiffany Truong has been accepted to the MFT program at SAn Diego State University.
Priscilla Henandez, who is a doctoral student in the Department of Sociology at University Of Massachusetts,
Amherst, was selected to participate in the National Science Foundation's Research Fellowship Program.
Angelica Cisneros has been accepted to the MSW program at Azusa Pacific University.




Priscilla Hernandez has been accepted into the Ph.D. in Sociology at University of Massachusetts as well as MA programs at San Diego State University and Cal State University, San Marcos.
Kevon Williams has been selected to participate in an NSF funded research internship at NYU this summer.
Nicole Duong will be starting the Organizational Behavioral Masters programs at Claremont Graduate University this Fall.
William Atienza has been acccepted to the Summer Research Opportunites Program at the Stanford School of Education.


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