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Department Faculty

Nicholas Von Glahn

Nicholas Von Glahn((Ph.D., Central Michigan University), Psychology Interim Chair and Professor.
Cognitive, Behavioral, Experimental Psychology: Memory, Memory Judgments, False Memory, Cognitive Aging, Courtroom Psychology, and Human and Animal Learning.
Phone: 909-869-4870
Office: 5-110 

Stacy McGoldrick Stacy McGoldrick (Ph.D., New School University), Sociology Chair and Professor
Sociology/Criminology: Criminology, Stratification, Urban Sociology, Social Theory, Policing, Homeland Security, Political Culture, Political Violence.
Phone: 909-869-3902
Office:  5-246


Kevin Autry (Ph.D., University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR), Assistant Professsor
Cognitive, Experimental Psychology: Cognition and mental representations, representation of abstract concepts, experimental methods and statistics.
Phone: 909-869-4429
Office: 5-121

Lori Baker

Lori Barker (Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles), Professor.
Clinical, Multicultural Psychology, Child & Adolescent Psychology/ Psychotherapy, Multicultural Issues, Community Psychology.
Phone: 909-869-3904
Office: 5-116


Robert Blumenfeld (Ph.D. University of California, Davis), Assistant Professor.
Cognitive Neuroscience/Physiological Psychology: Cognition, memory, executive function and the Prefrontal Cortex; using neuroimaging, computational and behavioral approaches.
Phone:  909-979-6972
Office:  5-113

Danico Faculty
Mary Danico (Ph.D. University of Hawaii at Manoa) Professor and Director of Asian American Transnational Research Initiative Race relations; Asain American Studies; Family; Ethnic Identity, 1.5 Generation Issues; Youth Immigration; Asian American Transnational/Dispora; Pop culture; Social Media.
Phone:  909-869-3895
Office:  5-250

Brianne Davila

Brianne Davila (Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara) Associate Professor.
Sociology: Sociology of Education, Social Inequality, Race, Class and Gender and Latina/o sociology.
Phone: 909-979-5531
Office: 5-227 Website

Erika DeJonghe

Erika DeJonghe (Ph. D., Michigan State University) Associate Professor
Clinical Psychology: Child Psychology, Intimate Partner Violence, Violent and Aggressive Behavior, Psychotherapy with Children and Families.
Phone: 909-869-3907
Office: 5-241

Jack Fong

Jack Fong (Ph.D., University of California, Santa Cruz), Professor. 
Sociology/Ethnicity-Race: Ethnopolitics, Urban Sociology, Sociology of Development, Nationalism, Social Movements and Southeast Asian Geopolitics.
Phone: 909-869-5466
Office 5-232  Website

Juliana Fuqua

Juliana Fuqua (Ph. D., University of California, Irvine), Associate Professor
Developmental, Health, Social Psychology: Quantitive and Qualitive Methods (including survey research), Evaluation, Risky Behavior and Health among Adults and Adolescents (e.g., social determinants of substance use, stress), Transdisciplinary Scientific Collaboration and Action Research (among STEM faculty, non-STEM faculty, educators, and community leaders). 
Phone: 909-869-4120
Office: 5-233

giang-facMichael T. Giang (Ph. D., University of California, Los Angeles), Associate Professor.
Educational Psychology: learning science, online technologies, research methods, social development, acculturation, and peer harassment.
Phone: 909-869-4976
Office: 5-120

Sara Langford

Sara Langford (Ph.D., Central Michigan University), Assistant Professor
Industrial/ Organizational Psychology: Leadership, Voting in Organizations, Telework, Coworker Relationships, Stress and Coping, Gender and Work Issues.
Phone: 909-869-2467
Office: 5-117

Jeffery Mio

Jeffery Mio (Ph.D., University of Illinois, Chicago), Professor. Director of Graduate Studies.
Clinical, Multicultural, AppliedPsychology: Metaphor Usage, Particularly in Politics, Cross-Cultural Issues, Development of Allies Across Demographic Groups. 
Phone: 909-869-3899 
Office: 5-115 Website

Alejandro Morales

Alejandro Morales (Ph.D. University of Nebraska-Lincoln) Associate Professor.  
Counseling Psychology, Latina/o Psychology, Immigration, Language Brokering, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identify, Diabetes Prevention and Intervention, and Research Methods.
Phone: 909-869-4134
Office: 5-231

Erica Morales

Erica Morales (Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles) Assistant Professor. Sociology/General: Race, gender and class; sociology of education; sociology of African Americans; sociology of U.S. Latina/os, qualitative methods.
Phone: 909-979-5534
Office: 5-238

Anjana Narayan (Ph.D., University of Connecticut), Associate Professor, Social Work Internship Coordinator.
Sociology/Social Work : Gender, Race/Ethnicity, Immigration and Transnationalism.
Phone: 909-869-3914
Office: 5-243

Jill Nemiro (Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University), Professor
Organizational Psychology: Organizational and Team Creativity, High-Performance Teams, Virtual Teams, Program Evaluation, Qualitative Research Methodology.
Phone: 909-869-3905
Office: 5-242

Anthony Ocampo

Anthony Ocampo (Ph.D., University of California Los Angeles),  Associate Professor
Sociology/General: Race and Ethnicity, Immigration, Gender and Sexuality, Cultural Sociology, Sociology of Education, Filipino/ Filipino American Studies, Asian American Studies, and Latino Studies.
Phone: 909-869-3897
Office: 5-239 Website

Gabriele PlickertGabriele Plickert (Ph.D. University of Toronto, Canada), Assistant Professor.
Sociology/Criminology: Juvenile delinquency, criminology, quantitative methods, social psychology, and the life course.
Phone: 909-869-4752
Office 5-108

Viviane Seyranian

Viviane Seyranian  (Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University), Assistant Professor.   
Social Psychology :  Conservation and Environmental Issues, Social Influence Processes, Persuasive Communication, Social Identity Framing, Positive Emotions, Leadership, Majority and Minority Group Dynamics, Social Movements.
Phone: 909-979-5532
Office: 5-249 Website

Susan N. Siaw (Ph.D., University of Southern California), Professor
Developmental Psychology: Cognitive Development During Childhood, Memory and Mnemonic strategies, Intelligence, Academic Dishonesty.
Phone: 909-869-3982
Office: 5-249

James W. Sturges

James W. Sturges (Ph.D., The University of Alabama), Professor
Clinical Psychology: Health Promotion, Acceptance of Negative Internal States, Anxiety Disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.
Phone: 909-869-3894
Office: 5-252

Felicia F. Thomas

Felicia F. Thomas (Ph.D., University of Southern California), Professor.
Clinical, Multicultural Psychology : Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Child Psychopathology, Ethnic Identity, Black Psychology, School-Based Interventions, Social Perceptions and Racism, Complicated Bereavement.
Phone: 909-869-3799
Office: 5-248

Faye Wachs

Faye L. Wachs (Ph.D., University of Southern California), Professor.
Sociology/General: Social Inequality, Sport and the Body, Sexuality, Gender, Consumption and Globalization.
Phone: 909-869-3903
Office: 5-251

Department Staff

Please feel free to call on our staff to answer any questions about the department. They will be able to happily assist you in finding an advisor or in helping you with enrollment and records procedures.

Leticia Keenan

Leticia Keenan, Administrative Support Coordinator for Sociololgy.
Phone: 909-869-3890
Office: 5-247

Diane Slusser

Diane Slusser, Administrative Support Assistant for Psychology.
Phone: 909-869-3901

Jenny Huyler

Jenny Huyler, Administrative  Support Coordinator for Psychology.
Phone: 909-869-3888