College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences


The Psychology degree program, which is housed in the Department of Psychology and Sociology, is designed to provide a comprehensive undergraduate education in this field, leading to the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree. The study of Psychology involves a search for knowledge about human and animal behavior as well as the application of this knowledge for the promotion of human welfare. The subject matter of Psychology includes how humans and other organisms perceive, learn, think, develop, and relate to one another at the social level. Students interested in learning about these processes and/or the application of this knowledge to the treatment of the various mental and emotional problems that can develop, should consider majoring in Psychology.

alvaradoOur program meets a wide variety of student needs and interests. It provides an excellent foundation for students who plan to graduate and continue professional training in any area of Psychology. The Psychology major also provides a good background in the science of human behavior for students seeking careers in management in public and private sectors, or seeking an undergraduate major in this area for a variety of other reasons.

The Psychology curriculum provides a foundation of skills and knowledge for careers both inside and outside Psychology. Since most jobs require a well-developed sense of how people function, a degree in Psychology is often a desired background for a variety of different fields, e.g., retail management, banking, social services, employment interviewing and counseling, probation work, market research, public relations, mental health work, and personnel management. This major also prepares students who wish to continue graduate work in Psychology or related areas, or who ultimately wish to conduct psychological research, engage in clinical or counseling professions, or teach Psychology in a university setting.