College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Criminal Justice Minor

The Criminal Justice minor (also a certificate program) is a multidisciplinary grouping of courses which have been specifically selected to fulfill the needs of students presently working in or planning for careers in law enforcement or corrections. Special advisement for students in any major who are interested in criminal justice or corrections may be obtained from the department's Criminal Justice Coordinator Dr. Stacy McGoldrick.

Criminal Justice Program Pamphlet (PDF) - view a description of the Criminal Justice Program, Required Courses for the Minor and Certificate and Required Courses for the Criminology Option in Sociology pamphlet.


Students who plan to seek employment in institutions of correction or in community-based criminal justice programs are offered special preparation for positions in law enforcement, probation and parole, or for judicial administration and law enforcement research and planning.

Although all majors may complete the minor in Criminal Justice, the Sociology major is particularly well suited for combination with the Criminal Justice minor since it is offered with a minimum number of required courses so that a high degree of flexibility can be achieved in personal curriculum planning.

Please contact the department office if you have any questions regarding Criminal Justice minor (909) 869-3888.