College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

New Dance Minors

The mission of the Dance minor is to provide quality dance courses and experiences for the general student population, with an emphasis on common humanistic threads of art and expression found across cultures. “New Dance” refers to a student-centered approach to the study of the way art functions in society on a personal, local, national, and global level. “Dance” is defined to include human movement and aesthetic expression, movement based interdisciplinary work, and western and non-western cultural forms. The Dance Minor validates the cultural experience and world view of a broad cross-section of perspectives.

New Dance Minor Course List

CourseCourse Title (Units)
DAN 202 World Dance and Cultures (4)
DAN 230 Live Dance Appreciation

Select 12 units from the following technique courses:

CourseCourse Title (Units)
DAN 270A Jazz/Urban Dance I-II (2)
DAN 271A Jazz Dance III-IV (2)
DAN 272A Jazz Dance V (2)
DAN 273A Modern Dance I-II (2)
DAN 274A Modern Dance III-IV (2)
DAN 276A Ballet I-II (2)
DAN 277A Ballet III-IV (2)
DAN 290A Cultural Performance Series (1)
DAN 279A Dance Repertory (2)
DAN 360/360A INDAC Performance Ensemble (3)

Select  2 units from the following courses:

CourseCourse Title (Units)
DAN 294L Dance Production (1)
DAN 295L Festival Production (1)
DAN 296L New Dance & Cultures Creative Proj. (1)
DAN 297L Community Outreach (1)
DAN 320 Dance Improvisation (4)
DAN 430 Choreography (4)
DAN 446 Dance and Its Artistic/Cultural Infl. (4)
DAN 449 Dance in Contemporary Culture (4)
DAN 480 New Dance and Cultures Capstone Proj. (4)

Total units for the minor (18-20 Lower Division, 16-19 Upper Division):  36-37 Units