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Cal Poly Theatre Department Faculty members are a diverse group of talented individuals. They not only lecture and teach, but also work professionally as actors, designers, and directors.


Bernardo Solano

Bernardo Solano - CHAIR
Professor. Playwriting, Theatre in Education & Community
Bernardo Solano's Bio | 909-869-3952

Office Hours: TBD

Linda Bisesti

Linda Bisesti
Professor – Head of Acting/ Voice, Designated Linklater Voice Teacher
Linda Bisesti's Bio | Website | 909-869-3987

Office Hours: Mondays-Wednesdays Noon-2 p.m. or by appointment; Tuesdays 1-2 p.m.

C. Julian White

C. Julian White
Associate Professor – Acting & Movement
C. Julian White's Bio | 909-869-3953

Office Hours: TBD

Gayle Fekete

Gayle M. Fekete
Professor – Dance Theatre

Sarah Krainin

Sarah Krainin
Assistsant Professor – Head of Deisgn

Office Hours: Wednesdays 10 a.m.-12 p.m.; Thursdays 10 a.m.-12 p.m. and by appointment

Adjunct Lecturers: Fall 2018

Name Title Office Hours
Joyce Hesselgrave Adjunct Lecturer - Theatre TBD
Michael Kachingwe Adjunct Lecturer - Theatre TBD
Jade Cagalawan Production Manager/Adjunct Lecturer - Theatre TBD
Nancy Kyes Adjunct Lecturer - Theatre TBD
Emma Mesrobian

Adjunct Lecturer - Theatre

Paulo Lima Adjunct Lecturer - Theatre TBD
Paula Weston Solano Adjunct Lecturer - Theatre TBD
Colin Campbell Adjunct Lecturer - Theatre TBD
Doug Cooney Adjunct Lecturer - Theatre TBD
John Sylvain Adjunct Lecturer - Theatre TBD
Kristin Campbell Adjunct Lecturer - Theatre TBD
Zachary Groenewold Adjunct Lecturer - Dance TBD
Rainy Demerson  Adjunct Lecturer - Dance TBD
Jeremy Hahn Adjunct Lecturer - Dance TBD
Suchi Branfman Adjunct Lecturer - Dance TBD



Marie Maslowski, Department Secretary

Chris Bashaw, Publicist
909-869-3962; Fax: 909-869-3183

Vannessa Poveda, Costume Shop Supervisor

Jonathan Bastow, Director of Theatre Facilities

Kenneth Blenc, Technical Director