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...to the College of Environmental Design Model Shop. The model shop is located in building 45, room 103 and is available to Cal Poly Pomona students who have passed the written test and display an Environmental Design Model Shop sticker on their Bronco Access card. Regular hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 4pm, with a one hour lunch break between 12pm and 1pm in which the shop will be closed. You may email the Model Shop supervisor Lincoln (Linc) Hoke, at clhoke1@csupomona.edu, or call the Model shop at 909-869-2677 for more information.

These pages contain basic guidelines for woodworking safety and common woodworking techniques. Before being permitted to work in the model shop, students and faculty are required to pass a mandatory written test based on the content provided in this study guide. Faculty and students may schedule one hour shop orientations at the beginning of each quarter, which include hands-on demonstrations of tools and procedures to better supplement their online training. After gaining access to the model shop, students MUST continue to follow model shop safety rules and procedures, as well as cleaning up their work area- which includes, putting tools back where they belong, sweeping the floor, dusting off the machines, and putting scrap wood and metal in the appropriate trash bins located throughout the model shop. A clean shop makes for a much mroe enjoyable place to work.

Failure to follow model shop rules and procedures may result in dismissal from the model shop. Knowledge of the tools and passing the written test are the minimum requirements- students are required to show common sense, courtesy and responsibility as they develop and hone their skills from this point forward.