The Collins College Of Hospitality Management


The Collins College Tours

The Collins College of Hospitality Management thrives in a high-tech learning environment with 43,000-square feet of privately funded facilities. The buildings feature kitchen laboratories, seminar/conference rooms, classrooms, a food and wine education center and the Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch.

The college offers tours for prospective students and their parents throughout the year. During the tour prospective students learn about our curriculum, co-curricular and career opportunities, scholarships, student life and get a complete tour of our facilities.

Reservations are required for all tours. Make a tour reservation.

Directions to our college

*Please note that the tour of The Collins College does not inlcude a tour of the entire Cal Poly Pomona campus or detailed information regarding admissions, financial aid, housing or other university departments. To get more information on other departments besides The Collins College please contact the respective department directly. 

Cal Poly Pomona Tours

For a comprehensive introduction to Cal Poly Pomona, we suggest booking a tour with the university’s Visitor & Information Centers. These tours take prospective students and their parents throughout the beautiful 1,438-acre campus and offer insightful information about the university.

*Please note that the the tour of Cal Poly Pomona through the Visitor and Information Center does not include a tour or detailed information about The Collins College.