The Collins College Of Hospitality Management

Event Series 2017-2018

Apply for the 2017-2018 Event Series by July 14

Dear HRT Students - 
We are happy to announce that we will be offering one section of the Events Management Series in 2017-2018.  Students who expressed an interest in Events when they entered the program have been contacted via email.  
Please read the information below to see if you are first eligible and also able to meet the scheduling requirements before sending your application and faculty recommendation.  
We would like to invite you to apply to be considered for the 2017-18 Events Management Series Pilot program if
  1. You will meet the HRT 281 pre-requisite by no later than December 2017.  
  2. You will have completed HRT 302 by September 2017.  
  3. You are either junior or senior standing.  
This series of courses will be offered as three, four-unit courses.  One four-unit course in the series will be offered per quarter, fall, winter and spring.  
This class will be scheduled to meet on Monday afternoons from 1 to 4:50 pm and attendance is part of the grading criteria. 
Please note that students in this series earn lab credit by participating in the set up, day-of operation and tear down of specific events.  Once these events have been secured in the next couple of months a contract will be created and students will be required to sign a contract prior to enrolling.  Lab times will include several days surrounding the events as well as the events.  Please check your calendars BEFORE applying to ensure you are available the week and weekend of final exams in the Winter quarter.  Examples of events that the students may be involved with include Hospitality Career Fair and the CA ProStart Cup at Sheraton Fairplex for March 17, 18 and 19, 2018.
Please note that only 32 students will be enrolled in this series.  
All students must submit an application, a one-page answer to the four questions asked in the essay, and one faculty reference to be considered for this event planning HRT series. 
Selection for this series will be made on the following criteria:
1.    Academic Units completed
2.    Essay answering the four questions outlined in the application
4.    Grade Point Average
5.    Previous Event Experience
If you are interested in being considered for this series next fall, please
1.    Complete the personal information requested in this application link -  Event Series 2017-18 Student Enrollment Application Link
2.    Submit both the Event Experience Questions Essay (outlined in the application link) AND the Faculty Reference Form (see attached) to Sandy Simon at and cc: James Yokoyama at by no later than July 14, 2017 at 5 pm.
Your application, your essay and your faculty reference form will be reviewed by the Events faculty.  An email will be sent to each of you by July 17th indicating whether you have been selected to enroll in this series.  You will need to complete a contract committing to participation in particular events throughout the school year.  This contract must be signed and submitted to James Yokoyama prior to the first class meeting which is scheduled for Monday  September 25, 2017 at 1 pm.