Guest Services

Disability Resource Center

Students who may need special assistance should register with Disability Resource Center in advance. Contact them at 909-869-3333 or

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Animals at Commencement

Only service animals will be permitted.  No exceptions will be made.  Please leave pets at home for their safety and comfort as the commencement environment will have large crowds, heat, noise and confusion.  Please note California State Law prohibits leaving an animal inside a confined vehicle.

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Food Service

Limited food service is available during the commencement ceremonies at the following locations around the Quad.

Concession Stand - Located on Olive Lane between buildings 6 and 94 (Main entrance)

Pony Express Convenience Store - Inside Campus Center Marketplace

Carl's Jr. - Inside Campus Center Marketplace (limited menu)

Jamba Juice - Inside Campus Center Marketplace (limited menu)

Poly Trolley - Quad

NOTE: Service hours may vary per ceremony

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Graduation Day Flowers

Graduation Day Flowers will be offering fresh flower bouquets and orchid leis at each of the Commencement ceremonies.  Pre-Orders available in February 2019.  Print out your receipt and present it to the flower staff located at the main booth on campus during commencement weekend.  To ensure convenient pick up, the main booth is located in the University Quad (next to Campus Center Marketplace).

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