Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where will the new Student Services Building be located?

The new building will be constructed on a western portion of Parking Lot C.

Campus routing map showing construction zone on lot C.

2. Why does Cal Poly Pomona need a new Student Services Building?

The new building will replace the tower portion of the CLA Building. Designed as a student-focused building, it groups together essential offices such as financial aid, registrar, cashier and admissions in a one-stop location. The centralization of student services was part of the vision of President Emeritus J. Michael Ortiz, who wanted to make it easier for students to find the people and resources they need.

3. When will the new Student Services Building open?

Construction is scheduled to begin in summer 2016 and conclude in late 2018.

4. What will happen to the current CLA building?

There are no immediate plans to change the operations of the classroom and paseo portions of the CLA Building. Most of the offices in the tower portion of the CLA will move to the new building or other spaces on campus.

5. Will classrooms be moving to the new building?

The classroom side of the CLA Building will continue to remain open. The new building will have space for campus meetings and events.

6. During construction, how will I get to my classroom or office?

The construction area will be enclosed in a temporary fence. There will be temporary pedestrian walkways around the perimeter. Directional signage will also be posted around the construction zone. Please see the map for the recommended paths.

Campus routing map showing construction area in lot C.

7. Why is Lot C closing?

The new Student Services Building will be located on a portion of Lot C. For the safety and security reasons, the entire lot will be closed during construction.

8. Where will student parking be located?

During weekday business hours, Lot C does not include student parking. Parking for faculty, staff, visitors, and 1-hour parking have been relocated to other lots on campus. Please visit the Parking website and map below for details.

Campus routing map showing construction area in lot C.

9. When will Parking Structure II open?

Parking Structure II will open in summer 2016. PolyCentric and the Parking website will announce the official date when it is available.

10. How can I learn more about this project?

More information about the construction of the Student Services Building is available on the Construction website.

11. What do the QR codes on the signage do?

A QR code is like a barcode, and smart phones can be used like a scanner. Using a QR Code Scanner app, you can “scan” the code. Your phone will direct you to the intended website.

12. Will parking lot C re-open with parking?

After the completion of the Student Services Building, a smaller Lot C will reopen. Information about the lot will be available when details are available.