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Conditional Admission

Conditional Admission

CAL POLY POMONA offers Conditional Admission to Cal Poly English Language Institute (CPELI) students who complete Level 5 with a grade of “B” or better.  Qualified students apply before the application deadline of November 30 for a guaranteed admission spot for the Fall term of the next academic year.  For some majors, the application period may be longer.


  1. Students who have graduated from high school but have never taken any college level classes in their home country, in the United States, or abroad may apply.
  2. Completion of high school study with grades of "C" or better in all subjects is required.
  3. Overall GPA (Grade point average) of B/3.0 or better (A=4.0) for high school study.
  4. Students must complete Level 5 of CPELI courses with a grade of B or better before the Fall term of admission to Cal Poly Pomona.
  5. Some majors at Cal Poly Pomona are very competitive. For these majors, an SAT score is required.
  6. Documents you will need to bring with you
    • Official high school transcripts.
    • Official copies of high school graduation certificate/diploma
    • Official documents in languages other than English must include certified English translation
    • Proof of immunizations