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2.4 Ghz Compact Collinear Antenna
TP-Link TL-ANT2415D Omni 15 dBi What inside ?
How do I find a local repeater?

Repeaters in California are coordinated by the Southern California Repeater and Remote Base Association and/or Twin-Band Area Spectrum Management Association.

Southern California Repeater and Remote Base Association - SCRRBA

Twin-Band Area Spectrum Management Association

FT-60R radio
Things to do from campus:

Swapnet Monday 8:00 PM 147.090(+) (May be difficult from campus)
TechNet Tuesday 7:00 PM 147.330(-) pl 131.8
INSOMNIAC NET 11:00 PM every night 449.16(-) pl 100.0
Tri-County Amateur Radio Association Sunday 7:00 PM 145.440 pl 136.5

For those on campus or nearby, check out the repeater.

The K6CPP repeater is on 445.58 (-) PL 156.7.

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Radio Tower CPPARC Home page

For additional information contact:

Glen Shiery (AF6Z)
Cal Poly Pomona
3801 W. Temple #109
Pomona, CA 91768